About Us


Lean, And Clean! That is our motto

We are here to give you the very best in meal replacement. Lean Clean Meals is a full-service meal replacement company.  We deliver fresh chef prepared meals weekly to your door.

This is not frozen cardboard like meals; these meals are the best. We can help you lose a few pounds for that big day or bulk up for next football season.   We work with local dietitians to build balanced meals that meet your needs.

We are professional chefs that have combined, over 15 years experience. We were in the clubhouse at the Texas Rangers cooking for the players during 2010, 2011 and 2012 seasons, worked with the Dallas Stars since 2009 as well as Athletes Performance in Frisco since 2011. We specialize in cooking for some of the pickiest professional athletes; athletes that have to perform at the very highest levels of performance. If we can keep them running strong just think of what we can do for you.

The Chefs
Tabitha Ballard, classically trained at the Art Institute (2007 alumni) plus years of experience before, during and after school. She has learned the finer arts of preparing amazing food that not only tastes unbelievable but is great for you too.

Shane Ballard, after seeing the passion that his wife has to make great food, decided to pursue cooking as well. After three years of working with the Rangers and Athletes Performance has fine-tuned his ability to feed professional athletes. Athletes that are used to having the very best and now so can you!